What to Do If Your Spouse Won’t Pay Child Support in Georgia?

money for child supportChild support is the money you rely on to help take care of your child, so it’s only natural to experience stress, frustration and concern when your ex-spouse isn’t paying it. If your spouse is not meeting their child support obligations in Georgia, you have some options to collect it.

Speak to the Georgia Division of Child Support Services (GDCSS)

If you already have an order through the GDCSS, you can contact them for help. The GDCSS might be able to having your support withheld directly from your former spouse’s pay or tax refund, revoke or suspend their driver or professional license, garnish any workers’ compensation they are receiving or file a lien against property your spouse owns.

Keep in mind that the GDCSS helps many families across the state daily, so they may not move as quickly as you would like when you request their help. For more immediate assistance, you may need to speak to family law attorneys Atlanta.


Contact an Attorney for Help

An experienced firm such as Fuller Law Group can use legal enforcement methods to help ensure your ex-spouse pays what is owed. Your attorney can file a contempt of court action against your ex because a child support order is a court order that must be obeyed. If you ex-spouse is found in contempt, they could face jail time and fines if they don’t pay that support.

Your attorney will work to ensure you receive the support you’re entitled to, and they will handle the legal process for you so there are no delays or mistakes.

At the Fuller Law Group, we understand how important it is for you to receive the child support payments you rely on. Contact our experienced family law attorneys Atlanta for help with your child support enforcement case today.