Anonymous – Divorce client, 2018

“Making a decision to file for divorce was literally the hardest thing that I have ever done. Attorney Guinyard coached me the process with so much genuine care and professionalism. She advocated on my behalf for the maximum when I was content to just walk away with nothing. What began as a gruesome dreadful task, turned into an amazingly successful journey. “

Anonymous – Business Litigation/Crisis Management Client, 2016

“When my organization was facing a legal crisis, Attorney Guinyard stepped in like “Olivia Pope” and saved us from a potential PR nightmare. Not only did we win the legal battle, she coached up through the process of reorganization to avoid similar situations in the future.”


“I met Attorney Guinyard 3 years ago when my son participated in a crime that lead him to being charged with Felony Murder and Burglary. He was facing a life sentence. On my initial meeting with her I was scared, frighten, loss for words, my heart and soul, torn apart not only for my son but the victim’s family as well. She talked with my son and consulted with me and she decided that she could help my son.

I felt an immediate sense of relief that she could help my son. That began a journey where I witnessed the strength, wisdom, and passion that Attorney Guinyard has for her clients. While in this scary process ,it was very hard for me to trust the unknown. She educated me on the process from the initial meeting until the very end of the end of the journey.

She is very hands on with her clients, through consistent updates, telephone conferences, face to face meetings, etc. She prayed for my strength on many occasions as well for my son. She educated him by providing him with books and had very tough conversations with him to become a better person and make better decision.

Throughout this journey I didn’t feel like just a client I felt like a part of the family. I felt that the way she represented my son was the same way she would have represented a loved one in her family. I truly appreciate all that her firm has done for me and my family.

My son was able to get his charges reduced and expunged from his records after 3 years probation.”