Atlanta Same-Sex Divorce Attorney

gay couple in quarrel at homeLike other heterosexual marriages, same-sex marriage comes with same-sex divorce and may have unique legal complications. That is why you need a trusted Atlanta divorce attorney to ensure that you get fair legal representation, regardless of the specifics of your situation. Our experienced same-sex divorce lawyers have a deep knowledge of Georgia laws and how they apply to your situation to help you get the outcome you deserve.

Is Same-Sex Divorce in Georgia Different?

Though, legally, same-sex divorce is synonymous with a heterosexual divorce, and the two have many things in common, there are still several complications and complexities to consider. For instance, issues regarding child custody and asset distribution can be handled differently in same-sex divorces, making the advice of same-sex divorce lawyers crucial for your case.

Additionally, those in a relationship before the 2015 Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges rulings are often faced with a situation where the laws are less clear. This is because the length of the marriage influences many divorce matters.

The state of Georgia may not recognize the full extent of your relationship. Though your finances and other aspects were intertwined for that time, the state did not consider you “married” until after the 2015 ruling.

Child Custody in Same-Sex Divorce

Judges and courts, while trying to make the right decision for the children involved, may make their rulings based on cultural biases instead. This can lead to the biological parent being favored simply because it “makes sense” to the judge if they are not familiar with the complexities of same-sex divorce.

If your child is adopted, there can be greater challenges to the issues of custody and visitation that cause unnecessary stress for both the parents and the children involved. In this case, a Cobb County divorce attorney that has experience with divorces of this nature can be an essential tool in overcoming child custody obstacles unique to same-sex couples.

Domestic Partnerships vs. Marriage

Georgia divorce laws regarding same-sex couples only apply if you are legally married. There is a different set of laws that apply to those in domestic partnerships or civil unions. The law often treats the separation of civil unions in the same way as any other divorce, but additional discussions about the division of property are needed.

Typically, the breakdown of a domestic partnership is covered by a domestic partnership agreement. This means that the division of assets has already been decided to some extent. A non-married couple with no domestic partnership agreement or civil union in place can have an especially difficult time handling a separation.

Navigate Same Sex Divorce With Our Atlanta Divorce Attorney

Divorce is almost never easy. Throw in the added complexities of a same sex divorce, and you may be in for a lengthy, stressful, and confusing experience. But it does not have to be. With help from an Atlanta divorce attorney experienced with same-sex couples like the Fuller Law Group, LLC, you can be sure that you get a fair outcome.

These are complex and sensitive issues. That is why you deserve a team of same sex divorce lawyers that will handle the process with care and respect. Here at the Fuller Law Group, LLC, we strive for settlements tailored to your family’s unique situation to lessen the stress and tension that is sure to occur. To get started with trustworthy guidance from attorneys that understand your position and concerns, contact us today at 404.765.6445.