Child Support

Georgia Child Support Lawyer

mother holding her son's hand while on their way to school The only purpose of child support is to financially support the child. Child support is mandated by the State of Georgia where one parent is determined to have primary physical custody of the child wherein the child resides with that parent a majority of the time. The obligation to pay child support cannot be discharged through bankruptcy or unemployment and cannot be voluntarily waived by the custodial parent. We, Fuller Law Group team will help you understand the law of child support in Georgia and assist you to establish, modify, or enforce child support.

The amount of child support required depends on the income of each parent. If you are the non-custodial parent, there needs to be material, unforeseen change in your circumstances to entitle you to a downward modification of your child support obligation. Don’t wait until you fall behind and accumulate child support arrearange and risk being held in contempt of the child support order. Be proactive.

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