How is Child Support Determined in Georgia?

child supportWhen a couple divorces, many issues must be considered. One of the most important involves child support payments, which will ensure the couple’s children are properly cared for and able to maintain a reasonable standard of living once the divorce is final. But to determine how much child support is to be paid, a number of factors come into play. Because of this, always rely on Atlanta divorce attorneys from the Fuller Law Group.

When determining how much child support will be paid, Fulton County Family Division courts will use the incomes of both parents. The Court uses a formula contained in  child support worksheet to determine the amount of child support that is to be paid by the noncustodial parent.


Childcare Expenses
Whether there is only one child involved or several children, Fulton County Family Division courts will also examine the various expenses associated with raising the children and which parent is paying the expense. These can include daycare expenses, health insurance costs, any medical treatments currently needed by children, educational costs, and of course estimated costs for providing food, clothing, and shelter for the children. If more than one child is involved in the divorce proceedings, the court will take the other children into consideration.  If either parent is responsible for caring for a child that is not the responsibility of the other parent, the court will factor that child (ren) into the child support calculations by what is known as a Qualified Child Deviation when determining child support payments.

Since determining child support payments is often one of the most contentious aspects of finalizing a divorce, it is vital both spouses have adequate legal representation available to them during the process. In all cases, the court wants to be fair to both sides to ensure the best interests of the children. To make sure you are treated fairly during this process, rely on the services of Atlanta divorce attorneys from the Fuller Law Group.