Are Parenting Plans Required in Georgia?

parenting plans in georgiaIn the state of Georgia, when a couple is separating or chooses to divorce, there are laws pertaining to co-parenting. If the marriage or relationship produced children, parenting plans are required to ensure the best interests of the child are met.

Required Parenting Plans

In all cases involving child custody, a parenting plan is a requirement. If you and the other parent of your child are able to come up with a plan together, you can submit it to the court. From there, the court will approve it and make it a court order.

On the other hand, if you and your former partner cannot see eye-to-eye on a parenting plan, each of you is required to submit your own proposed plan to the court. The judge will examine both plans and decide on which one to order. If the judge disagrees with both plans, they can create a whole new one of their own.

If one parent submits a plan and the other does not, the judge can make the one plan into a court order.

What’s Required in a Parenting Plan?

Certain things must be included in a parenting plan, including the following:

• Schedule that determines where the child spends their time daily
• Transportation plans for exchanging the child
• Decision-making authority for one or both parents
• Plan for the parents resolving issues
• Limitations that require one parent to contact the other when that parent has physical custody
• Limitations to a parent’s right to information about the child, including health, education, religious matters and extracurricular activities
• Whether one parent needs supervision while with the child

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