5 Tips for Holiday Child Custody Success

holiday child custodyFor divorced parents who share child custody, figuring out a realistic and fair child-custody holiday schedule is probably the most important step in ensuring that the kids have opportunities to celebrate the holidays with each of their parents and those parent’s family members. 

Before embarking on this potentially emotional journey, each parent should be willing to put the children’s best interests first to avoid making the kids feel anxious and uncertain about the approaching holiday period according to the experienced family law attorneys at The Fuller Law Group in Georgia. 

Making a reasonable child-custody holiday plan doesn’t have to be difficult or unfair if both parents resolve to put their differences aside and put their children’s welfare and happiness first. Read on for some practical holiday child-custody solutions by a team of lawyers who understand family law. 

Tips for Sharing Kids Over the Holidays: 

  1. Making a Child Custody Holiday Plan That’s Fair & Realistic 

A local Fulton County divorce and child custody lawyer recommends working with the other parent in an effort to make things easier on the kids who now have to get used to new holiday celebration plans. If possible, keeping those already established holiday elements that your children are so fond of the same as much as possible can keep your kids calm and hopeful about their future. 

Sit down together and list the most important parts of each holiday that you would like to keep moving forward. Another alternative is to divide the holidays evenly and switch each parental holiday time during the next year. 

  1. Four Commonly Encountered Child-Custody Holiday Disputes 

Despite the best of intentions, there are usually a few bumps in the road according to a respected Fulton County divorce attorney. Here are four commonly encountered child-custody holiday disputes that may arise. 

  • 1. Travel Time Concerns
  • 2. Amount of Parenting Time for Each Holiday
  • 3. Involvement of Extended Family Time Constraints
  • 4. Agreements on Gifts for the Kids – Timing, Amount & Suitability
  1. Four Tips for Parents When Figuring Out a Fair Holiday Visitation Schedule

One Fulton County child custody attorney offers these four tips for making a fair visitation schedule for over the holidays. 

  • 1. Determine Who Is Where & When
  • 2. Ensure Equal/Fair Holiday Custody Time for Each Parent
  • 3. Keep the Plans for Holidays Realistic
  • 4. Consider Getting the Children’s Input
  1. Avoiding Parental Wars Over Child-Custody Holiday Plans

There is always stress over the holidays even if it is all happy stress. Sometimes, divorcing parents become overwhelmed with guilt, anger, or other emotions and forget to keep their inner turmoil hidden from their children. 

It is important for each side to fully understand their shared holiday child-custody agreements and uphold their end of the deal. A knowledgeable Fulton County child custody lawyer urges both parents to be considerate and flexible regarding potential changes in the plan from time-to-time. 

  1. Legal Help When Modifying Child-Custody Holiday Schedules Out-of-Court 

mother with his sonWhen a child-custody holiday arrangement no longer suits parents or kids, parents can modify their plan outside of a courtroom if parties are agreeable. Situations that may create a need for a revised child-custody holiday plan include a parent moving, changes in a parent’s finances, new obligations such as caring for a sick or elderly family member, or a parent becoming ill. 

One top-notch law firm in Georgia would be happy to offer legal assistance regarding child-custody holiday schedule arrangements. Contact The Fuller Law Group at https://fullerlawgroup.net online anytime.